Placing Boom Rentals

If you are looking to reach higher, and still keep labor costs down, a placing boom is the best option for you. Placing booms are mounted and supported on the building and positioned so you can maximize the reach of the boom. Like a crane, all of Almeida Concrete Pumping's placing booms are self climbing. As the building goes up, so does the placing boom, all without the help of a crane. Placing booms eliminate the need for pipes and hoses on the deck, allow for faster continuous pours on site, and maximize the efficiency of a high pressure pump below. Move between columns and walls with ease. Boom near your steps and then move back to your floor with speed and efficiency.

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This is just a few shots of the Almeida crew and pumps doing what they do best - keeping a steady stream of concrete into tough to reach places all around New York.

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We are an authorized dealer of Reed Concrete Pumps, KCP Concrete Pumps and Construction Forms pumping equipment. If you are in the market for a new concrete pump, you can trust Almeida to provide you with excellent service and support in purchasing your pump and desired accessories.