Pumping Services

Concrete Pumping Services

At Almeida Concrete Pumping, we offer a wide range of concrete pumping equipment, including boom pumps and line pumps, that are designed to meet different job requirements for all types of construction projects. No matter how challenging the project, our team has the experience and skills to help you finish on time and on budget.

Check out our fleet of pump trucks in action!

This is just a few shots of the Almeida crew and pumps doing what they do best - keeping a steady stream of concrete into tough to reach places all around New York.

Pumps in Action

Boom Pumping Services

All of our boom pumps are perfect for your pour that needs reach. We have the right size boom, from the 20 Meter to get to a 3rd floor window, to the 60 Meter that can reach any foundation on a city block.

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Line Pumping Services

Our line pumps are available for all those places booms can't get to. Whether it is in a basement, a back yard or there are too many power cables near your site, you can depend on our line pumps to get the job done.

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